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Cape Town/South Africa Immigration Information. A guide for immigration to South Africa - Cape Town and assistance to SA work permits and visas.


Visa Requirements and Immigration Information

The Ritztrade Business Team works according to our corporate philosophy:

Personalized Service
Personalized Immigration Service
  •  High motivation towards our clients to achieve the best possible results
  •  All round information and transparency for our clients at any given time
  •  Personalised, professional care during the entire immigration process
  •  Intensive teamwork with the client
  •  Constant updates concerning the ongoing procedure
  •  Hands on attitude towards all necessities within

Our partners are registered immigration agents at the Department of Home Affairs.
They are well-known in the industry, and have accumulated years of experience.

We´ll be glad to assist you with your questions in connection with your immigration, and will consider your special lifestyle and individual wishes. You can intrust our partners to handle the complex application process, as well as all
the communication with the Departmernt of Home Affairs, the Consulates and other related institutions.

Our service offer entails:

Expert Guidance
We'll guide you through the entire immigration process
  •  Individual counseling and care up to the reception of your permit
  •  Collection of all the necessary forms
  •  Summary of all the necessary documents
  •  Completion of the forms
  •  Coordination of translations, such as references and other documents
  •  Drawing up of business plans for investors
  •  Preparation of the necessary paper work
  •  Communication with the institutions in question
  •  Local representation of the client at the institutions
  •  Efficient time supervision

If necessary we will introduce you to our partner lawyers, chartered accountants and other experts in the field.

Want to apply while still in your home country?

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The South African immigration legislation is relatively complex.
According to our experiences, many foreigners are easily confused about the different ways one can immigrate to
South Africa.

Just one of the reasons is that naturally not everyone has the time, nor the understanding of the South African Immigration Act. Furthermore, there are many different interpretations of these regulations which can lead to misunderstanding.

For your better understanding, our partners Imcosa have compiled a comprehensive information brochure, which will hopefully answer your initial questions. Please feel free to contact us at any stage, whether it is related to feedback, advice or positive changes.

Download our PDF (adobe reader) brochure for free now!!!

Our brochure includes the following sections:

  I. Introduction
II. Change in Legislation 1 July 2005
Legislation Process and Background
Intention and Approach of the Legislator
III. Permits According to Grounds for Stay and Intended Activity
Visit, Holiday
Family Relation to South African Citizen or Permanent Resident
Previous Citizenship or Permanent Residence
Voluntary or Charitable Activity
Education, Studies, Internship, Articles, Academic Sabbatical, Research
Work in Employment
Companies with an Ongoing Need for Foreign Employees
Own Business, Entrepreneurship
Financial Independence, Retirement
IV. General
Place of Submission
Permits for Accompanying Family of Applicants
Nature of Permanent Residence
Effect of Change in Legislation on Existing Permits and Pending Applications
V. Comment

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Ritztrade International (German and English speaking)
Tel: +27 21 919 3388
e-Mail: Ritztrade International