Clifton - Cape Town suburb

The suburb of Clifton is very popular due to its magnificent beaches with fantastic white sand. A paradise for every tourist who is looking some time at the beach - Clifton is the place to be!


Cliftion Camps Bay ViewThe four small, secluded beaches of Clifton are separated by giant granite boulders. The trendy 4th beach is the most popular and hence the busiest, where the high society of Clifton likes to convene to play volleyball, throw Frisbees, take relaxing strolls or just soak up the sun. The beaches are wonderfully sheltered from the southeaster wind which blows in summer, however not many people brave the icy water. Yachts, speedboats and jet skis are abundant in the bay, and Clifton has the atmosphere, if not the warm water, of a very exclusive Mediterranean resort.

Clifton Accommodation

Bantry Bay

Bantry Bay is the site of the most exclusive real estate apartments in the Cape. Built on steep rocks as close as possible to the sea, facing a turbulent little bay, it is hard to tell which is more awesome - the breathtaking view or the amazing properties from which you can marvel at it. With many of the properties, each floor is a terraced step with a swimming pool that appears to extend right into the sea, and parking is on the roof at street level.